Choices .  Thats what life's about . Choices , honestly they make you wanna shout . But after all, when you're down and out choices will  be there to help you out. Choices may be  difficult or easy like deciding to wear a jacket when it's breezy , but  choices will also tough  and make your life rough. You can let tough choices control and bully you , or you can be a teacher and make some  choices to help and educate fools .  Choices will always be there by your side even when you dont want them there, because its a love hate thing  we have with choices i swear . Choices are everything to us . Are choices are everything  we arent , because they make us everything we are . Our Choices are the most  powerful force in our life , they decide what we  do , how we do them , why , because choices tell us how to spend our time in life . Time is all we have in this life , our choices will help us make the most of  our lives ,  making bad choices  its like stabbing yourself with a knife . You can recover , but you will always be left with the scar with apain that may hover over you like  cloud or maybe  just make you proud because you can say, Hey it was my choice to make . Never take any choice you can make for granted because these choices of yours ,im saying this candid. 


Use your voice , just make a choice.  - Abdul ly


My first poem it's for a scholarship

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