Chocolate Skin


The chocolate skin that I live in has seen torment and pain... with these milk chocolate eyes, like hershey syrup when it rains

The chocolate skin that i live in, smooth as dove and nestle sweet... yearning to be devoured... tonights entree... dark and bitter sweet

Yet he's already has his main course... he's full of low fat & red meat... and he only seeks my chocolate love if he has just a little more room left for something sweet

The chocolate skin that i live in, saved by the mercy and grace of God's love... delectably crafted with the finest ingredients from above

The chocolate skin that I live in, battered and used... offering up a sacrifice of my flesh... hoping for love yet feeling abused

Under a star filled night sky he whispers sweet nothings in my ear telling me that i'm his chocolate coated dream... yet in the blaze of the sun i know his dream will never make it to reality...

The chocolate skin that i live in... longing for my chocolate king... a man crafted in the image of God with a sweet tooth just for me

The chocolate skin that i live in, delectable all on my own... nothing could ever define this beauty worth more than pure gold.


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