Chocolate Pudding


United States
36° 8' 46.5612" N, 115° 10' 58.7532" W
United States
36° 8' 46.5612" N, 115° 10' 58.7532" W

Churning pudding pie of chocolate, I love you so much!

How can I tell this pie that it was worth more than three dollars and fourteen cents?

O! O! chocolate pudding, how I love you!

Coconut pudding, how I love to hate you!

O, why were coconut puddings taste nothing like coconuts, but only dull sugar?

Love, thy name is chocolate pudding pie!

Ate it up, all three pies of chocolate--one for each of my meals

To let the gooey drizzle and crusts of this delicacy makes me weak in the knees

Eat me, eat me--at least that's what those pies tell me!


Pies galore, pies some more!

Ugh, more coconut? Tell me there are more chocolates! Chococlate pies....gimmie!

Dreaming of you, cream pies covered in lucscious whip cream

Dimples upon your sprinkles covered in more chocolate

In reality, I found a new love: banana cream pies

No! Has this love done so soon?

Going to change in loyalty to this banana cream pies


Please take me back, banana cream pies

I will marry you in food heaven, even if it never, ever...

Existed, this crazy love of mine

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