Chocolate. Some of lifes best joy. 

To eat and take in the natrual beauty. The beautiful Browness that melts in your mouth.

Chocolate. many people love to eat it .

doesnt matter where your from or how you pronounce it , all skin shades enjoy it. 

Chocolate. The anscestors of a young black girl or boy resemble choclate.

Punished for there skin , Punished for them being them , Punished because of the way god made them. so hard to overcome the power of the white man while being hung. 

Chocolate. So good and harmless .

Harmless like the tatics martin luther king used to fight civil rights. good like the heart of the African-Americans that just wanted segregation to end and be looked at like everyone else. 

Chocolate. something thats universal. 

Like the many faces of black people all around america .

Chocolate . can be so powerful and you might doubt its greatness.  

To barack obama the first black president that proved everyone who doubted him wrong. 

Chocolate. that is never judged. 

Choclate may never be judged because of its color but a person can.  

White Chocoloate. so exciting and new. 

exciting and new but will never be the same as Chocolate. 


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