Chillin, Stressin, Awesomin!

Chillin by the beach

Just Kickin up my feet.

Got no problem,

Man that’s sweet!


Work is there,

But no worries here.

Parties everyday

Is all I can say.


Stress ain’t a bother of me,

With no worries in the world.

So just flee and leave me to be,

To this awesome being. – Me.


Stressin all day

With full worries all night.

These tasks I know I’ll slay,

Which makes this all right.


My boss ain’t impressed,

Guess no break tonight.

Coworkers doing nothin but snoozin,

But I am finishin this fight.


Stressed to the bones,

But IDC.

So leave me to this work,

And to my awesome personality.


Awesomin may be

A fault in the English Dictionary.

But why it ain’t there,

Is why I don’t despair.

That be for those squares

And that just ain’t me.


Cool kid they call me,

Cause that what I is,

But an awesome time is all I need.


This is where we part,

And go our separate ways.

For we are all awesome In our most awesomest of days.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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