Children's Future


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If I could see the fate that lies in my childrens future,

Seeing how these kids mature faster than me,

Minds being captured of the totally hip adventure,

watching and staring through 3D glasses from my plea.

and kids today flea from education and parents

but stream down the road of kush, beer, and appearance.

Streaming down the main road of snapbacks and tattoos,

probably hiding an excuse of being abused that creates a bomb that we need to defuse.

But this is not Search and Destroy this is Find and Restore.

You see, I chose the life of backpacks and stripped sweater polos,

and I seen people follow the path of the Two Chainz and YOLOs.

The “I dont give a damn” effect that knocks up middle school girls,

Or maybe that 6th grader that burnt his tongue with that cigarette that won’t let his tongue curl,

Or the reputation test that lead that freshmen in jail for 10 years,

Or that Junior that died for driving while intoxicated with 20 beers!

Sometimes I don't want to blame the child for such mistakes...

mistakes that were probably not his or hers...

I was once one of these kids myself..

A kid who sagged his pants down low, even though, people made him into a comedy show,

A kid that would hang out with smokers but did not smoke,

In exchange was called a pussy with a nose that broke,

A kid that would ditch with other kids just to fit in,

It only lead towards a squad car that he had to sit in.

As I look into the future that consist of kids that don't care no more,

I get scared.

What if when they mean swag, instead of piercing their ears with quarter size gages

Actually means to have high-paid wages?

What if when they mean YOLO instead of getting drunk and high

actually means hang-gliding from the sky?

What if I saw my children’s future? and instead of getting a degree

They start living a life of the streets that hopefully ends for sure...

Do you think this is our future?


I think that future will stay too Mainstream


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