The Children I See

In my vision I see

Children on swing sets

Laughing with joy

Chasing each other on turf


In my vision I see

A little boy who falters

Trips over his shoelaces

Lands on the ground crying


In my vision I see

A mother that comes to comfort

That wipes his tears

And kisses his bruises


But I have met

The children on the streets

With stoic looks

And worn out clothes


But I have met

A little boy bullied

By those with more

Than he can afford.


But I have met

A child alone,

Crying for a warm hand

To hold in comfort.

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Our world
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This poem reflects my volunteer experience with an organization known as the Colfax Community Network. It is an organization dedicated to helping homeless and unstable families. As a volunteer, I have the opportunity to help the children of the Colfax Community Network in their after school program. Through this experience, I have been introduced to the hardships these children face. I admire their strength, and am grateful to have the opportunity to help these children. In my visions, I see children who are innocent and joyful, but unfortunately, these children are not able to experience as happy of a childhood because of their family struggles. As a volunteer, I am able to help them escape these hardships and help them experience the joy in their childhood.

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