Children of Apple


United States
33° 59' 24.234" N, 84° 20' 37.2768" W

We are the children of the Apple
the iphone, the ipad, the ipod
our constant companion who never complains
never asks why
never gets angry
only complies with 4G speed

We are connected to the web of lies
if you are bored
if you are sad
if you cannot sleep
your ifriend is there

slowly the world around you shrivels
until you look through a screen
hear through ear buds
and sleep on an illuminated pillow

we have forgotten how to communicate
to express
to listen

why are friends 1000 miles away more important
than the one sitting next to you texting?
a phone cannot speak
a lap-screen cannot hug
ear buds cannot listen

We are the children of the Apple
and we are dying


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