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You spent your early days in silence.
watching from the sidelines
but never really participating.
they threw those cruel words at you
through whispers behind your back.
with your small ears you caught them
and like poison,
you swallowed them.
You shoved them aside and forgot about them.
You found joy in the small things.
Like the row of ants
on their way to work
to a job they were given at birth,
one that they did not get paid for
but were instead guaranteed
in return, a purpose,
a little niche to fit into
in their little ant society.
or the bushes you would hide in,
the ones you would pretend were your futuristic home,
full of branch like levers
that operated at your command.
or the hole to china
that you and your only friend
planned to dig
with nothing but plastic spoons.
that was until she told you
that she was moving away,
and you broke the plastic spoons in half.
this was your first heartbreak.
and it was not your last
you’d feel this way again
in a couple of years
when your parents take you
to a Chinese restaurant
to inform you of bad news
and suddenly you have two houses
and two separate lives
and an unsure idea
of what love is.
you'd feel this way again
when you find your first love
and then it fails you
you’ll feel this way a lot
and you’ll take that feeling
like poison
and you’ll drink it
you’ll shove it aside
and forget about it
until one day it all builds up
and like two plastic spoons
you snap.



(poem also published on my tumblr (


Wow this was definitely nostalgic. Caught me off guard with the whimsical storytelling in the beginning to end it on a solemn note of unresolved feelings. Really enjoyed this, please keep making more:)

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