Child of My Self Consciousness

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 17:24 -- mchally


put me on a pedestal and let my world judge me

cause where I live is race-less society

you say i'm trippin' but you fallin' for the bullshit

they say we're all equal but the man's really full of it

my hometown is just a piece of my consciousness

a piece of the pie intertwined with "the American"


I dream nothing more than to find an identity

but the marrow of tradition has implanted all these tendencies

like standin' on the corner even when the rains pourin'

all to drop 160 on some nike air jordans

like spittin' shitty slurs not only to your enemies

all to prove a point that your a man of masculinity

the seventh born son with a veil to breed stupidity

white and black men both lacking the lucidity

see their identities aside from all obscenity


let's shatter the veil and bombard the boarders

break into the schools and arrest the scholars

provide the poor with a means to get water

cause mouths are getting dry and can't wait til' tomorrow

dissipate the dichotomy of black and white

capitulate the idea that we're all alike


I refuse to submit to standard social segregation

no tension relentlessly stay motivated

we need a micro-approach to this macro-reality

inequality doesn't deserve such ambiguity

race-less is what we need the world to be

but its deep social roots were built culturally

so we could cut the roots and rot the tree

but shit man there go our identities


found "right" on righteousness

truth on the search for it

the common school on the university

the industrial school on the commmon school, you will see

"weaving a system, not a distortion

and bringing birth, not an abortion"


as a worker enjoy and revel in your handiness

as a thinker provide the truth for those who can't handle it

the truth is that Truth is timelessly changing

what's good and what's bad are always rearranging 

but self-consciousness is maintaining

as long as the world is ceaselessly educating


hip hop is your professor, you just gotta pay attention

analyze the meaning, down to every section

from the beat to the break, attempting lyrical perfection

hip hop is a lifestyle of a generation

a youth engaged in more than just an occupation

raw creativity and pure imagination

not conforming to societies rules and regulations


heart beating like a drum

blood pumping through my veins

focused and impatient

nervous yet un-afraid

cause I am who I am 

and that's a constant change

becoming the child of the consciousness

I once couldn't tame


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