child hood

squinting, smiling under the bold sunshine

running over the prickly pine needles

digging my feet into the fragrant earth

under a canopy of straight, tall trees

who are guarding their wild secrets

waiting, pondering.


the intrigue

the earliest tales the forest wove

and kept for those with the ear to listen-


a child of the lake

I grin into the building wind

face the cold, rough waves fearlessly

until they pass.


a lonely bird sings a haunting



 I stop to acknowledge her last verse.


the vast sky mirrors the dreams

of the children who reach for her

of those who dance

{especially in the storm}

those who conquer mountains

and those who lead the valley to the mountains

wild, free

living for what I love

inspiring another to reach for their star{s}

This poem is about: 
My country


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