Chess Piece

Last class in seventh grade. The chess piece was left behind. While the other chess pieces roamed out to the battlefield and never heard from them again. However, one chess piece survived. But had to do somthing To repel course to Hope! With dignity and love and destroy death.  

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The title was meant to be "The Last Chess Piece". In seventh grade of middle

school, the girl was the last to move out of the classroom. While every student

was going home. That turned into a battlefield that she was the last chess piece.

Everyone was fighting against their foes with swords and shields. She was the last

one to fight a big one. The ending was unclear, at least everyone had a chance

to move forward and fought againste their foes. 

     With dignity that was the head up high with courage to continue and do not look

back and disappeared. The last chess piece was a girl last to leave from the class

and last to move and defeat a foe. She might have a potential to stay behind and ask

questions in real time, but no, she was slow to get out of the classroom and go

home. Why she even doing that when everyone was already walking home and

getting picked up by their parents?

     The answer was that she was not the commodity that she followed, she 

followed no one, but her own thoughts and instinct behaviors. She survivied on

her own. No one told her what to do, not even the foe.

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