Cherish the Present Moment

Cherish the Present Moment


How precious are times with friends, even moments that seem plain;

For, once gone, they can never be experienced again!


So, we need to savour and treasure our times with people;

Using each moment to edify, for there may be no sequel.


All phenomena come from causes and conditions in constant change,

Like a rainbow that appears when sunlight hits a shower on a range.


Occurrences influence each other in a constant dynamic,

And nothing just happens in life’s events, so panoramic!


The myriad causes and conditions that brought about a situation,

Can never be recreated in just that exact formation!


One unknown day, we will each leave this life totally alone;

Nothing we can take with us from all that we presently own.


Our family and friends, too, will all have to go their separate ways;

So, while we have this precious life, let’s seek to live fruitful days.


There’s a vital lesson and earnest advice in the lines above:

May each of our encounters be filled with heartfelt love.


Love is patient, not self-seeking, and is always kind;

It doesn’t boast or envy; nor puts others in a bind.


Love is not proud and doesn’t dishonour others,

No record of wrongs it keeps, but hurts and wounds it covers.


Love delights not in evil, but rejoices in the truth.

Love never fails – in one’s old age, adulthood, and youth.



Alex and Eva Peck

(Reflecting on the preciousness of each moment and those we spent time with – for we can never go back and re-live our past! Unfortunately, memories are often unreliable, as they become distorted with time. And, since our future is but a dream, the present is extremely important.)

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