Cherish Every Moment

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 00:03 -- Mari09V


A breath of new life, a flower has bloomed
The laughter of a child plays a beautiful tune
The gardenias and jasmines stand so peaceful
If only life could always be this blissful

Time has come for a blazing sun
At the beach, a teenager is exposed to fun
Loud hip-hop and cheers fill the air
Toes in the sand, without any care

The time has come to mellow down
Bills, work, responsibilities cause a frown
"I can't wait to grow up" was once said
Remembering their childhood, an adult jumps in the leaves, crispy red

How often it is wished to go back in time
All over again to experience the climb
Once before, a young and vibrant spirit
Now on this cold winter night, one that death will inherit

Like the seasons that pass by so fast
Nothing will forever last
 Love the simple aspects of life, cherish every moment
Life is beautiful, it shall not be wastefully spent


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