Girls are the salt of the earth,

It wouldn’t be the same without them,

Now would it,

A beautiful work of art by God,

But men critique and judge ‘em like they are art,

Most men don’t know what to do with ‘em,

All men can’t live without ‘em,

Some men treat girls like meat,

And few men treat them like queens,

Girls are our treasure,

Why sit there and bury them,

When you’re suppose to dig them up and cherish them,

But yet boys don't get the picture,

Why put your hands on your girlfriend,

Because you know damn well you would want anyone to lay a finger on your little sister,

Girls are suppose to be put on a throne and a pedestal,

But you decide to throw 'em in the dirt and spit on 'em,

Calling girls out of there name just to get there attention,

Like aye bitch, aye hoe, aye slut,

But do you ever sit back and imagine if someone was to do that to your sister,

Or your mother,

But there's something deeper to thought,

Do you not see the pain you put her through,

Both physical and emotional,

Do you not understand that fucks with their mental,

I would have used bigger words for you,

But your IQ is as small as a bird's brain,

Do you not see the scars and bruises you put on to her smooth skin,

Do you not see the wear and tear you put her inviting heart,

Now think if think as if you were in her shoes,

And yes it's some her fault,

But you should take most of the blame,

You constantly continued to put your hands on her,

After she decided to stay,

I'm sorry I didn't use my vocabulary to the fullest,

But I had to make it simple enough for some men to understand,

And let me take the men back because men wouldn't beat on women,

Now sit back and imagine a world without women,

Of course us men, wouldn't be able to handle it,

Women go through so much,

But you want to push her past limits,

And watch her have an emotional breakdown,

You do not understand what beautiful gift God gave to us,

You don't break girls down,

You cherish them.


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