Cheffing Around

While everyone else wants to get famous or be on TV, 

I just want to cook and serve food different from the what the eye can see,

Hot saute pans and seasonings,

Desserts and fresh bread,

Only one way I can do this is attending college to get that cred,

Associates in culinary arts, 

Master's in business management,

Cooking ain't an easy thing to do and most people can't handle it,

The cuts, burns, the variety of customers to appease,

Let's not forget about the food cost please,

Experience and knowledge so abundant to learn,

All I need is to go to college and play with the scholarships I hopefully can earn,

Starting from the top seems like an impossible feat,

But with the basic skills and knowledge you can work you way up,

Overcome that successful leap,

I've got to start somewhere,

Not everythings handed,

You've got to use hard work, determination, and that education you've been taught and handed,

There will be long hours, studying, an abundance of math,

But when I look back,

I'll be more then glad,

Just a little help is all I need,

And this thousand dollar scholarship will help me suceed.


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