Cheesy Dreams

I wasn't supposed to be in this class.

I never signed up for it. 

I never wanted to do a project. 

The teachers say that the project isn't manditory.

Unless we want to be kicked out of the GT program that is.

So basically...It's Manditory 

You know what I do in that class?

I "work" on my project

And by "work" I mean daydream

I daydream I'm eat some fresh new york style supreme pizza 

one with extra vegetables and cheese and meats

Yeah, that's what I "work" on. 

I even have a pizza phone case!

Well 8.. not that I'm obssesed with pizza

Just very well fond and infactuated with it

That's all

Don't judge me, you know you day dream about pizza too

While you're supposed to be working, you're daydreaming 

about pizza just like me

You see, we're the same

We both really enjoy pizza.

On late work days and school days what do we order?


What's quick and easy to either out in the oven or pick up in a nice greasy box?


And what's one thing we both love besides poetry and gift cards?

Say it with me: PIZZA

Yeah you catch on pretty quick.

And since we're now best friends, what do you say?

Take me on a pizza date? 

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