I go up, I go down.

They spin me backwards and all around. 

"Oh, look what you've done now.'

They say as Sarah lays on the ground. 

We get hurt, we get injured

We get broken, we get limbered. 

But we constantly come back

as if pain is what we hindered. 

Broken trust, broken neck

What the freak, what the heck

We scream and cry as yet

another one hits the deck.

We're in your gym, we're in your lobby

Makeup on, knees knobby

Lets Go team, Lets Go!

I am NOT a Hobby.

Skirts short, bows high

I base.. You fly.

Competitors pass by

But no competition, no lie.

Practice off, judges on

From dusk til dawn,

It's only 2 minutes long

so DONT... get it wrong. 

You win, you lose

The dont's, the do's

The winner on the news

The loser's boo hoos.

The fun and the fear

Practicing ends here

My ending is near...

and yes...





this is a poem I basically "freestyled." I didn't know what to write, and since I do best when i just think of the first thing that comes to my head... this is what came up! Cheerleading and poetry is my passion.... I know this is amature, and many may not understand... but when it was flowing through my head... I understood it. I was happy with it.


I really like this. As a fellow cheerleader, I totally understand this poem. So much work is put into a two minute routine, and I hate it when others fail to see its athleticism. But, it's definitely an exhilerating sport.

Good job!

(P.S. TINY, nitpicky thing, but when the don't in "so DONT...get it wrong" should have an apostrophe.)

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