Cheer Achieved Through Scrutiny

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 21:49 -- Adama

The time that one takes to stop and look around

Observing all of what the human condition can achieve.

The amazement and wonderment of a child I have.

 For all that we're yet to discover and that of which we have.

The things we take for granted, and the things we can't live without.

 Achieving enlightenment for a second, content with what people can do for one another,

observing a helpful deed or a smile from some small child, thinking of how good any individual has the potential to be.

The time that one takes to stop and look around can reveal a whole world of good

Hidden to those too impatient to wait and see.

The happiness brought to me, when I realize the world and life isn't to be loathed.

But when the observations of the world around me, and themes of life I create fails to bring me to a smile,

A CAT or two will most likely, bring me joy, a friend who like me, observes the world out there and more.


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