The Checkup

Weight Watchers and eHarmony

The last resorts when you plans fall through

Both tools to help you when all else fails

To keep you sane and satisfied with yourself


The doctor warns you not to drink too much carbonation

Or too many cookies and cake

That it is in your best interest to exercise at least 60 minutes a day

And to always eat your fruits and vegetables


Green juices to supply your body’s needs are a go-to  

Yet they have no comparison to the nourishments needed

For the most essential organ you possess

The heart


The heart is the very thing to keep your body going

Pumping blood throughout your system

But maybe the emotion held within each vein of the organ

Is the very thing that truly keeps you alive


For it’s the words they don’t say at your checkup

That could truly keep you healthy


They never tell you to not be with a boyfriend who doesn’t hit you

Or to keep your ears miles away from the words of an abusive girlfriend

To leave when you feel threatened and keep yourself safe

Because those things are supposed to be common knowledge


And perhaps that’s what’s wrong with modern love

Everyone from the outside thinks it’s common knowledge

But that is like telling a person with an undeniable sweet tooth

To cut sugar out of their entire diet


Love was meant to be medicine to cure you

Not a disease to kill you

Lovers was meant to be the hero that rescues you

Not the villains that torture you


Love is when the words that leave your mouth

Are being heard for the first time

By other ears besides your own

Because the trust between the hearts cannot be fractured


Love is putting each other both on a pedal stool

Holding each other high and balancing each other

Cause you couldn’t dream of not putting them at such an honor

But they couldn’t imagine being up there without you


Love is being honest in conversation

Not hiding any emotion

So that your hearts can put down the swords

And stop fighting a battle that is futile


The words “because I love you”

Are either the flu shot or the band aid

Flu shots are not fully guaranteed to keep you protected

Band aids shield your wounds from the outside world


You will know the flu shot when it comes along

You will start to ache after a while

You will know the band aid when it comes along

It will be hard to rip off


Because if someone dares to build up the courage

To tell you they love you

And they say it with every vein in their heart

You won’t need to get a checkup at the doctor’s


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