Checklist Battle

Is life one checklist after another?
Work hard to achieve or complete one missing puzzle after another. 
It doesn't seem so at first. Because the pieces get arranged perfectly and handed to you. 
Your checklist begins when high school comes around and soon college years roll in. Then future places a foot at the door and says "well hello there am your future, hope ur past hasn't knocked you down yet".
Then just when you think you pushed that foot back and slammed the door shut.
The pressure from society mounts up and echoes in your ear loud enough to scare your heart to skip a beat.
And the clock begins to tick
One after the other the checklist begins. 
Get into a good high school.(check$
Do good in high school.(check)
Begin college selections.(check$
Do good in college.(check)
Graduate college with honors.(check)
This is a check list in simplicity formed many years and remains many years.
What then happens when a fail brings you to a stop?
What is ur life checklist?


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