Cheap Deception


United States
39° 41' 34.5876" N, 90° 11' 13.0704" W

Meaningless breaths,
Empty eyes,
Vacant caresses,
Hold me tight,
Never let go,
Dishonest love,
Bite my tongue,
Close your eyes tight,
Imagine her,
Insincere kisses,
Hollow embrace,
I Am Worthless.
Inferior to your love,
Exhausted gasps,
Lie To Me.
Wretched moans,
My hopeless tears,
I Am Not Her.
Neglect me,
Walk away,
Cheap Deception.



This poem is just a glimpse into how I felt at one point in a relationship: Used. This poem helped me realize what I was really into and get away from those feelings. No one deserves to feel this way.

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