Chaucerian Storm

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 00:22 -- spf96


When in October, the showers did fall

The fierce winds piercing, they had destroyed all

A roaring monster, an ominous beast

Blew in from the South, and destroyed the East

The storm had a name, now her claim to fame

A name that makes her seem oh very tame

She went by Sandy, her wrath now complete

Say the worst in history, quite a feat

The place hit hardest, right at her core

Was none other than the famous Jersey Shore

A place of vacation, jubilation

Is now full of gloom and desolation

Possessions and items litter the streets

Once loved and cared for, now lay at one’s feet

Many people are now starting from scratch

Everything gone like the strike of a match

People from all around lending a hand

To those whose lives were buried in the sand


Some fear that it will never be the same

We’re all determined to bring back its fame.

Ask what’s the purpose, we answer the call

Restore hopes and dreams to many and all

Restore the Shore, and leave not one crease

We’ll rebuild it together, piece by piece




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