The Chase

The day I gave you my life 

shed tears the way you shed your blood for me

 declared my love for you the way you've always shown your love for me

that is when The Chase began.. 

the devil wanted me 

and for all of the right reasons 

he wanted my soul because he knew you'd made me whole 

so he began to dig holes to try and push me in and as i travel down the road of life 

he understood i was headed for greatness and it is in his plan  to stop me in my tracks 

but what he does'nt understand is that you've already equipped me and as i child of God i can run miles in these shoes 

do things that he would never think i do 

refuse the countless temptations placed before me 

relentless in my ways i proved him wrong 

what the devil failed to realize was that my strength is a gift from God a

and this chase continues i will continue to bask in the prescence of God 


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