Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:20 -- AND024

Charcoal grey, with loving, midnight eyes

Her voice understood by only me

Her heart connected to mine by an invisible string


Her feet move in perfect cadnece

Her jump, flawless and careful

Together we make a perfect team

Apart we are nothing


Through the bad days she comforts me

The good days she makes better

She is the true source of my happiness

Together we fly to heights never before reached


Without this creature, I wouldn’t know love,

Or happiness,

Or championship,

Or courage,


Without here I would not be able to breathe,

or smile,

or trust,

or live


Because of her I’m whole,

I'm happy,

I can love,

and I live


There are days I doubt everything

days I want to leave this world

and all my troubles behind 


But I cannot leave her

all alone 

she would never understand 



When I sit in that saddle,

Click my tongue to my teeth,

a smile grows on my face


A picture of her rests on my bedside table

Allowing her to be the final thing I see before I slumber

And the first thing I see as the sun wakes me each morning

It fills me with hope, love and happiness

and reminds me why I do not quit


I don’t regret a moment of my riding career

There have been hard times,

Bad falls,

Scary moments


But through it all she has been my rock

she has kept me safe

Without this beautiful girl I wouldn’t appreciate the good moments

And I wouldn’t have the fantastic memories as I hold today


She is my heart

She is my love

But most of all

She is my best friend.


Thank you Charlotte for all you’ve given me. 

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