Chapter 16

To my demise. Words cannot describe  how emotional I was to make page 365. This year long story was my downfall and uprising surprising to become a person to wither yet bloom from the ashes and arise like the fire screeching phoenix. I believed for the longest  I could be untouched by the life trials that I faced.

To believe that my demeanor was one of invisibility yet behind closed doors my mental storm was raging. Page by page each agonizing day the person I was began to quickly fade. Lines erased as emotions scrapped to re-define a place within myself I never wanted to face but to face it meant I grew into someone I always knew lived within me like a beautiful dream to burst out of the darkest things. What was set apart to destroy me only made me to become royalty. 

The end of this 365 page demeanor was sweeter than the thoughts in between. In the war of truth and deceit growth and defeat I grew into a person I wanted to be but never new. To thought I had it all and then lose everything I never knew how much it could make me blossom and set me free. To be chained no more and awaken this new found mentality the reality that I am more defined than just harsh words. This was a year of rebirth.

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