A Chaotic Love

There are times

When I hate myself 

For what I have done 

Or what I know I can do. 


But I love myself

It's confusing 

To be so confused

But I love myself. 


That I know

Some ask if I need help

And I have given that thought

But I say no. 


This is what I have to go through with myself

I know I have people

Who will stand by me no matter what 

And I am thankful. 


But there is so much to work through 

Adolescence is hard 

But my will is stronger 

Stronger than anything thrown. 


I may laugh and cry 

In the same moment 

But I understand myself 

I don't have to explain it. 


I just have to accept myself 

For every flaw

And every scar

And every mistake. 


But also

Rejoice in my beauty 

My humility 

My strength. 

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