Changing Perspective

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 22:40 -- Akston

Mind is jagged reality ragged, cut by my knife; harvest projected ideas collected, intellect my scythe.

Intent integration of information, by senses disperse; accumulation of persuasion, cradle to hearse.

Never slowing always going, straight on ahead;memory growing conscious crowing, soon dead.

Darkness grin assumes win, but neurons starts a spark;fire begins ignorance thins, so retires dark.

Feelings strong often wrong, doubting never; forgiveness prolonged too headstronged, live forever?

Uneven views pick-and-choose, in order to receive; how they skew old to new, what am I to believe?

Chaos lies for their alibis, order is the key; dots not connected idea rejected, plan out there for me? 

Knowledge unknown plan my own, path in this incarnation; be alone or atone, is there salvation?


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Wow this was amazing

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