Changing Pages

The ding of a bell,

or the ring of a cell.

The chirp of a bird,

or the quiet word.

These are all common sounds.

But what happens when the bell becomes too annoying?

Or when the ringing of the cell is too distracting?

What happens when the chirp turns into a screech?

Or how about when that quiet word becomes too loud?

When it's screaming at you?

Taunting, mocking, and criticizing?

And you try to escape that voice, but you can't.

When you so desperately want to change the page, but you're stuck.

What happens when that horrible voice you hear is your own?

There is no changing pages.

Soon enough the bird quiets completely.

And then the ring of your cell is no more.

And soon the bell turns into a count down.

*tick tock tick tock*

Everything goes black and the voices are finally quiet.

That was the last page and now the story is told and over.

The End


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