Changing it seems

When I would look into your eyes
They would deliver the sweetest messages and no lies,
When I first gazed upon your heavenly face
I could see my heart's longing place,
When I would hold your hand
I could feel your sorrow in our disband,
But now your eyes elude me
They dart acast and no longer soothe me,
Your face is one I scarce look at,
For fear of Judgment or Neglect's attack,
And your is a limp object of heresy,
As if there out of spiteful necessity,
It obvious there has been a change
For your new demeanor is most strange,
Or is it me that is The Altered
Has my glorious love faltered?
Or is it simply the eroding of Time?
Needless to say, something did die,
Whatever the reason may be,
You and I were a soul of one, and now we barely see.

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