Changing images


United States
47° 35' 19.6908" N, 117° 19' 37.9992" W

This face in the mirror is emotionless
These thoughts are filled with lifeless dreams and eventful recklessness
Understanding the consequences of my actions but not how they came to be
Confused of the fact that I know who I am but I cant be that way all the time
So instead of seeing the stud I really am, I sees nothing
So why do you love me?
I'm far from perfect
I studder at times when I'm talking
I wear sweats all the time
I hate crowds and can't sit still
Yet you still love me
I only know who half of me is
And yet you seem to find out me more about me then I do of myself
How can this be?
How do you see right through me like a transparent object or a test subject under a microscope?
It doesn't make since
But still, your love for me is undeniable
My studness is hidden when around certain people
But you bring it out, allowing me to just be me
and taking these lifeless dreams to actionable memories
With the image in the mirror changing from nothing to You and Me



My first Poem on here. I hope you all enjoy

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