This world has become so sad

Peace has been destroyed because foolish men have gone mad.

And it’s because of all the misery

Of the demons voices in their heads victories.

One must learn to not fear, and make them all disappear.

Clear one’s mind and remember that all men are inclined to sin.

It’s okay that’s somewhere we’ve all been, but one must fight these temptations within.

We live in war and violence, and have weapons in reliance.

Some use drugs to forget all the pain, end up insane, and their problems never went away,

Later it’s too late, when they’re lying in their grave.

There are thousands of hungry kids and women with AIDS,

Society thought it was okay to live with slaves.

Discrimination is satisfaction, for those who keep up a false reputation.

We’re lacking motivation to end this world depression

What would our founding fathers think of this new nation?

I guess the love of power has turned us into cowards,

But faith is something that speaks a little louder.

It keeps us stronger, when we can’t take pain any longer.

And he raps and spits out these flows, while he’s hiding a bruise under his clothes.

They disappear and fade away, but interfere with his academic year.

It may seem a smile can betray those emotions, but with strong devotion he can advance in a \

forward motion.

Some can’t afford an education; they will never see their graduation,

Because they have an obligation to fix their economic situation.

To maintain, he sells a couple pounds of cocaine,

Ends up getting some gangster fame, becomes lost in his new name, he’s putting his family to

shame, and he blames it on the game.

She is too afraid to say she's gay, because of what people might say.

But love is love and people are people and what can we do when if our natural instinct is always

being prejudice? 

In a world with good talents being thrown sway, we must pray to not make the same mistakes

we did yesterday.

Instead of running away, let’s try to make a change. 


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