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39° 44' 56.94" N, 75° 19' 46.4052" W

Three hundred sixty five days go by
And people go in and out as swiftly
As the wind blows high.
It begins with the frigid blank sheet of snowflakes
Of every kind, Ice blue hearts surrounding
on their journey to stay warm.
Cold white angels upon the ground with hopes
Of rising to join the children at play.
This is winter.
Dark clouds of grey
Making the heavens cry puddles of teardrops
Over all of the land, giving new life to the roots beneath.
Flowers begin to sprout and the warmth returns from the coolness.
Hearts of those now green from the growth of sunshine.
This is Spring.

Getting up quicker each day the rays catch our eyes
Warm breezes neighboring anyone in its path
Music elevated, crescent moon smiles, and sparked up nostalgia
Old memories from times before, with friends and lovers
Hearts fiery red, ready to take control of life.
Midnight strolls with not a care in the world
This is summer.
Seems like the clock is hitting fast forward now
Times have changed
Back to making an effort
Trees dying down turning a plethora of hues
Crimson, orange, yellow, what a sight this is.
The wind is back, cooling now
Hearts of purple, royalty even, slowing down the upbeat motions
Changes seem to happen like the flip of a dime.
Boy do I love the fall.


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