Thu, 02/13/2014 - 12:56 -- kbs148


I would start with the way each wakes in the morning
instead of reaching for coffee and hurrying to work
We'd take a walk in the sunshine and watch the birds while they chirp
Every person of the world would slow down and breathe
And start each day with grace and with ease

The second change that I would hasten to make
is shameful and bad, I might be burned at the stake
no need for abundance and indulgence and greed
No societies of want, but perhaps one of need.

My 3rd change, or perhaps they are wishes
would be to change our environment though it's a bit ambitious
For where ever we go we hear our resources claimed
as if the world itself were something to be tamed

I am called an idealist, a hippy a liberal
But the things that I want seem to be... fundamental
So I am writing a poem, so I can go back to learning

and make some of the changes for which I've been yearning.



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