Eyes attentively fixed on her, he traces her silhouette

Such a creature heavenly created and sent to me

She opened my mind, before my heart now she owns both

Not a storybook affair, not even close

Does it matter how or why

Or does it matter the joy we have

My bed empty from sleepless nights

Talking to strangers in foreign lands

Searching for something a restless soul

A junkie of expressions tied in a bow

A hollow pit filled by misguided platitudes

In an instant that changed, cosmic connection

   welded hearts

Fights followed by listening and understand

Both defining love from within

Growth, change a metamorphosis

Like the change of grotesque to beautiful butterflies

Joy controls the happiness of this man

Her actions created his soul, now his actions write chapters

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I'm so happy.... with Ryan! Thanks to you. 💘😍❤🥰❤😻💘

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