Pondering with my eyes closed,

As The raindrops tap against my window.

These droplets coming faster,

Its coming down hard.

These droplets must be the tears of God.

Maybe if we all be quiet,

We can hear Him cry.

His tears flowing harder

As the years go by.

Its just so sad to see

What His creation came out to be.

Where cause of death isn’t old age,

Or innocence.

Niggas dying cause they all ignorant.

Making people lose respect for the black men,

Our race horrifically classified,

Making Jesus regret he was crucified.

No its not just us, the government is too.

They know they messed up with all the things they do.

Killing people from other nations right before our eyes,

Playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives.

We’re America Land of the Free,

We’re America, Land of the greedy.

Yo, are you really listening?

I can see the tears flow,

Keep messing up now,

We’ll reap what we sow.

Everywhere we walk is a piece

Of History.

Can’t You See The trail of tears

Left By The Native Americans?

Sending them to Reservations

All for possession of power, land,

And Gold preservation.

The small little shacks in Georgia,

Where the slaves were kept.

The cotton fields where they bled and wept.

Now we Living in a nation where the youth is corrupted,

Insulting the struggles of those who paved the way for them.

Shout out to Martin Luther for going through the pain,

Its sad that we left your wishes in vain.

Those who came before us had to suffer,

In order for their children to prosper.

We need to change our attitude,

In order to change the altitude of our gratitude.

You think you got problems?

You must be blind.

Has the conditions of others

Ever entered your mind?

Inside I feel the soldiers dying,

I can hear mothers crying.

Imagine being awaken,

To see the ground shakin’.

Hearing the bomb sounds,

Seeing dead bodies on the ground.

Ignorant people always startin’ somethin’

I’m sorry it had to end

Rest in Peace to Trayvon Martin.

We’re creating our own hell.

The temperature’s getting higher,

Damn, you don’t feel our asses on fire?

It’s all smiles now,

But the generations yet to come will weep,

And we won’t be able to do a thing,

Cause we’ll be buried,

Six feet deep.

Let it be clear to everyone,

The mess we made is a mess undone.

We better act now

And find the peace today,

Or God will continue to cry,

And his tears will wash us away.



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