Crying we entered this place
A world we had yet learn of its hate
As we grew we learned all too well
It's better to keep silent then go through hell
As we sat silent for do many years
It brought so many of us to tears
We lost hope and our will to live
We lost friends and family every which way
The world seemed to burn around us
Nothing left in sight
That was until we saw the light
We broke the chains that life had gave
We rose from the ashes no longer afraid
We banded together our point to be made
We set change and left a promise of future to the next to come
We left them a rallying cry to bring change
For a better childhood, life, and future
We may not have gone that far yet
But we left our mark and blazed the trail
Hopefully all our work will one day prevail

This poem is about: 
Our world


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