Change Your Choice

You're encompassed by fresh air in the midst of pine trees

or atop a hill right under newly darkened skies as you look over city lights

or even standing on the wet sand as the ocean pulls away from you.

Imagine what you will, but in the end,

you feel it.


You feel alive

and it's like the vitality of your surroundings is entering your soul,

but at the same time it's like your chest has cracked open

and all of its contents come pouring out

and this flow- this movement towards equilibrium between you and your environment-

that is what makes you feel like you're really a part of this world

like every atom in your body is alive, each its own entity, tingling and vibrating.


You are your surroundings and your surroundings are only ever an extension of yourself.

You are tiny but you are a galaxy.


If I could change a single thing it would be that people remember this feeling

that people remember what it means to be alive

that people remember exactly what life feels like

so when all they want is to give up,

when all they want is to embrace death instead of life,

they choose life, and they choose to preserve the good in this world and the good in their hearts.




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