Change the World

I will Love with the love from above

This is how God will use me to change the world

All i know is that the world needs saving

Thats why God had to give His Son

God is Love and love is what He does

What is the purpose for life

Could it be to live or to get to know the life

To get to know the Christ

Jesus said i am the way truth and life

The only way to live is in him

Anything else is death

Excuse me if you dont believe

I ask God that hell help you see

I wasnt quite brought up in church

Looked for my own life and ended up in death

Dead on the inside, nothing to give

Tried filling myself up with drugs alcohol sex and pornography

Just ended up in a catastrophe

If i was filling myself up then why didnt i feel full

I was using the wrong things and ended up a fool

Fooled by the world and their lies

They said i would be alright

That all this was normal

It was a lie

Couldnt even go to the store in peace

Looking at every girl with lust

Then i cried God help me please

I met HIm

I met God on my knees.

I'm Free

God is so real can't you see.

He's not mad at you or me

He waits in Love hoping that we'll believe

God has set me Free from condemnation

He said that on me He will build a nation

I will believe

With the Love of God

I will change the World

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