Change is what you make it


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Change. Coins in your pocket jingle

Change. From relationship to single

Change. Set a fire and let it go

Change. When spring melts the snow

Past. I used to have no future. Dead end

Past. I found my way with help. Best friend

Past. Effort wasn't in my heart. No work

Past. Now I do the best I can. Dry smirk

Present. Lost Angeles. Eureka

Present. College bound. Unique

Present. English major. Writer

Present. Fast motorcycle. Rider

Future. Where will we be as grandparents? No idea

Future. Will the planet survive our generation? Unclear

Future. When will peace blanket the ground? #everynation

Future. When everyone lives for others. Cooperation

Effort. What it takes to win. Rise above

Effort. To never stop changing lives. Endless love

Effort. Giving aid in foreign lands. Open doors

Effort. Building homes and holding hands. Peace corps

Life. Great people give it all. Selfless

Life. Other people don't give at all. Selfish

Life. What you do depends on you. Choices

Life. All I know is I'm speaking out. Voices


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