Change Starts Within


I write to you today

Teens and Kids

Disciples and Martyrs

Mothers and Daughters

Teachers and Preachers

Finders and Seekers

That we all stop. Hear. Listen.

Realize what we are missin’

We’ve deviated from the mission

Just listen.

Listen to the children cry at night

They haven’t eaten for days

Hear the grunts of the girl creating stripes with a knife

Because nobody listens to what she has to say.

So I wrote to you today

That we all stop. Look. Watch.

See what you don’t see.

This generation going down the drain.

The young boy up at night

Filling his eyes with filth and lust

The young girl in the bathroom after every meal

Getting rid of her lunch so she can look pretty

I write to you today

That we all stop. Sense. Feel.

Feel the pain of those around us

Sympathy, compassion, love

This world should be made

From all of the above.

So I ask you today.

What are you going to do?

What are you going to say?

Will you be remembered if you leave today?

We were put here for a purpose

We need to make a change.

We don’t have perfection

But we have words.

Words that came from perfection.

Religion is not the key

But Jesus is the remedy

He is the key.

But not many see

But what do I see?

I see many Christians

But I don't see Christ

Million dollar churches

But starving people on the same block.

So called christians preaching the bible

Yet these same people making worldly things their idols.

They don’t see.

They are blinded.

But what do I see?

I see corruption. Destruction.

I listen to the cries

Government cannot function

Feeding us all these lies.

Every election.

Do we really have a choice.

Do we have a say.

Do we really have a voice?

What do I see?

I see a country that's kicking God out

I can't talk about God in school

But they promoting homosexuality

I can't talk about the bible

But they're promoting freedom of choice

Do we have a choice?

What do I see?

I see wars disguised as peace.

No, not only the middle east.

But the whole world, is the beast.

Wars solving violence.

Violence solving wars.

Taking lives to save lives

WIll it ever end?

Theories. Conspiracies.

The world is growing weary.

But is the answer what we seek?

Or part of the problem we want to be.

We are the  problem.

Every religion agrees.

That humanity is imperfect.

In eternal debt to the savior and wisdom.

So many religions. Yet no answers.

Its the circle of corruption.



How can the answer, be the problem?

Religion doesn’t change lives.

It starts wars.

It’s a disease.

An infection.

Religion doesn’t save.

But one man did.
He saved us all.

Has all the answers.

If Jesus saved us with just a tree.

Then imagine what we could do.

Who we could be.

Can’t you see?

The lives we can change.

If we put aside our selfish ambitions.

Our worldly traditions.

We must make a decision.

To rise and let the world know

That we are on a mission.

To hear what the world doesn’t

See what you don’t

To saves lives.
Bring the news of a man.

Who did it all. Saved us all.

A life that was more.

We don’t have the answers.

But we have the key.

We know the key.

And the key is He.

So what can we do?

What can we say?

How will you be remembered?

At the end of each day?

We need to make a change

And change starts with us

So what I would I change?

I would begin with me.

If everyone started with “me”

Then the world would truly see

That key to change

The change within me.

Look outside your street

Open your eyes

And see the world is more than just your city

It expands eternally.

What would I change?

What do I want to see?

A simplified world.

A world that sees

That in order to see change

We must be the change.

And change starts with you.

It starts with me.

Then the world will see

The world that I see.

All it has to do

Is hear. listen. see.


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