A Change in Self Can Be A Change in The World

A change in one’s self can be equivalent to a change in the world

One can overpower any. Change my fitness, I will.

Who cares if you change your fitness!

Well you see, changing my fitness will result

In changing my mood. Now, if I change my mood,

I will definitely motivate others.

I motivate others, and then they change as well.

The cycle will continue until we all want something.

Something more for the world, for the people,

For our country. We all want to make a difference.

Change my community! Make the violence stop!

Make the pedophiles go away!

Give people a reason to go into my neighborhood,

Not stray away! The people are sincere.

The food is part of our culture.

However, nobody will ever know

Because the violence is present.

The world is in war when promised to leave.

However, we still have one hope with my teacher Ms. Madden.

Being my 8th grade teacher,

She inspires me to go out and make the change.

She kept the smile on my face and hope in my heart.

The world becomes dependent

As we depend on technology.

Slower, heavier, and less active we’ll be.

We still have the hope to be the change we want to see.


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