Change for Poetry

At first glance, I saw the world as a new pair of glasses, As things move forward,And time moves past us, I mature to see all the little scratches, So bad I'm unsure how we've lasted this long, With a beef between race and class so strong, I see humanity needs help, Individually everyone wants to increase their wealth, Not caring what's best for everyone else, I see the world as a dog eat dog society, Undoubtedly there is no reliability, You're on your own, And possibly no hope in sight of relief.  We need a reexamination, A history lesson, for there are many situations, That should not be repeated, Even though I see it happening right before my very eyes, Afraid to look up at the weary sky, There are bombs on the horizon, Closing in on us, And we're too busy fighting over who's to blame, Everyone has a mask, To hide their true face from the fait they can't take, Thinking we don't have the same skin color or class ranking so we can't relate, But bet we will all feel the bomb's blow, So how about we put on a new pair of glasses, Find a common place of perspective, And show one another some respect, I see poetry could help with all of it, I see it in the eyes of our children, Stop teaching hate, Start with love and understanding, Then we will be great.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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