A Change needs To Come


Racial bashing our own kind

Harsh words from a cold heart

"Its 2013" teachers say

"Bullying doesn't happen,

Race issues do not occur."

But what the teachers don't see,

Is whats behind the walls and the doors

The fake smiles and real tears 

They don't really look, they don't really care

About what's real;

And that's how we know,

A Change Needs To Come.


Teenage girls, pregant or not

Always getting looked down on

Because they are not

what society wants.

The low self esteem,

The scars and the cuts,

And the teachers still

Can't see behind the walls?

No, because a Change Needs to Come.


Education is number one,

But that doesn't mean to overlook,

If they would just knock down their walls,

If they could see what's real,

If a school could get changed

From just one person 

From just knocking down those walls

This is bigger than education,

This could affect a whole generation,

Then ... actually ...

A Change WILL Take Place.



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