Change The Need to be "Perfect"


My House
United States


Take it away,

take away the pain,

the crying,

the disgust,

the judgement.

Take away the pressure,

to be pretty,

to be skinny,

to be silent.



for once I will not be silenced

for once i will stand up for what is right.

for once i will take action on my own

and finally put up a fight

I will no longer be your punching bag

neither will that ugly bitch

or that disgusting fag.

Your hurtful remarks

they worked before

but not anymore.

We have the power to change it all,

to lift others up when we see them fall,

to stand together, strong and tall.

It won't be easy but it will be worth it,

when we’ve changed the world

and feel no need to be perfect.



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