The Change In Me

Expressing emotions wasn't reality for some people.
Just like others in society, I follow the flow. 
Did what any good human would do.
Spend nights wondering why I wasn't like others.

Time passed and passed. I tried to wonder more.
Growing up and going through the purbity stage of life.
Changes of my body, but changes of myself.
Look in the mirror at yourself was a voice in my head.
Can't you see you?

I saw me perfectly clear. I saw a young african american girl.
She wanted to grasp more in life. She wanted to live more.
I've been so afraid to live in my first life time.
Everyone would depend on me because I'm the goodie good.

Teenage years provide me more points. 
Looking at myself and saw a developing, maturing young lady.
My hearted to beat faster and desire took over me.
I saw the ray of a sunlight shine through me.

I've became a person in reality.
I lived through trials in other to be one's story.
My story doesn't end here.
The story starts everyday through every journey.

Who Am I?
What Can I Do?
Do I See A Change?
Have I Lived?

I've saw the CHANGE!
Here's My CHANGE!
CHANGE Is My New Word!
The CHANGE Has Started!

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