Change Of Life

My life seems different.
It seems unreal.
Please wake me up
I know it's a dream
Reality is harsh 
And ever so unkind
Please don't let go 
This dream is so surreal 
My mind is open 
Heart body and soul
Tell me what you feel
On this journey of life
This is a change
A change of life
Now is the time
Its just the season
Are you ready to begin?
Please take my hand.
Why should I go?
Why should I believe you?
My heart is shattered 
Its been broken before
I let my wall down
Where do I run?
Who do I trust?
The air is thick
I can not breathe 
I can not feel
I am here
I am real
Open up, I won't let you down
Its time for a change
A change of life
For better or for worse
I won't let go
I have your hand
If you fall
I fall to
Its hard to trust
Its hard to believe 
I feel emotionless 
I feel relentless 
Please stay
I will go
Give me time
Its hard for me
To make a change 
A change of life!
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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