To Change Her Silence

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 02:10 -- Tish


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United States

She cannot change her opinion of herself,

Can she only support the silenced.

Deep in her throat,

She knows she cannot change her opinion.

The domain of man has changed their opinions,

Of themselves,

And of others.

To accept takes courage.

She is embarrassed of her opinion,

But she is not silent.

Spectrum colors blind her monthly,

Those banners prove it is safe.

They’re supporters of the silence,

Their buttons says so.

Sure, they support the silent,

That’s why she laughs so loud,

To attempt to break her neutral frown,

But sometimes they are annoyed.

Can they see her silence?

In her reality, she supports the silenced,

But herself, she does not accept hers.

Man’s domain of adolescents venture wide,

Their rainbow buttons says they support the silent,

But they look down at her.

She can feel her silence.

Deep in her throat,

She squeezes her eyes tight to rid of those spectrum rainbows,

It’s a symbol that represents her silence.

One day she will break her silence.

One day, she will change her opinion.


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