Change of Heart and Soul

Tears are rolling down the audience's cheeks and the sound of laughter continously bounces off the many walls in the theatre. Spirits are uplifted and beliefs are questioned. Feelings that have been kept hidden are allowed to be expressed and shared to all who will listen. A powerful testimony is spread while a struggling victim gets guidance. Male, female, young, and old come listen to the words of someone who is very punctual and bold. Gain insight and learn new things becoming more open-minded. Being able to see from someone's perspective that is from a different culture and lifestyle. For Poetry is enlightened by the emotions she is able to bring forth from her listeners. The history and stories she proclaims brings forth rememberance and understanding, uncovering the thick veil that covers the non-believers's eyes. The words that spill forth from the messanger's lips touches all that it is in reach, even those who aren't willing to seek. For Poetry is among the wisest, touching the broken and the weak. Giving Humanity the power to fight and stand tall, so they can be able to climb over that huge brick wall. Poetry is a motivational speaker with rhyme and rhythm, who can preach and amend all souls that she may reach. Changing the mindset of even the most stubborn mule. Now you know why the audience claps at the end and it isn't just because it is finished. It is because it touched the audience in one way or the other. That is what poetry does is states words that bring action and that action brings change.

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