A Change Gonna Come


United States
33° 52' 56.0604" N, 118° 7' 26.2992" W

Allow me to set the scene
Mother of four
One of the most faithful dope fiends
To the Four admired as a queen
The oldest only 16
Father figure to the youngest 3
No help offered
Because she aint clean
But her oldest is tired of all the suffering

By any means necessary
Is now his thought process
Late nights getting home
But he gotta get it on his own

Its been a long time coming
He sings while tears pass his eyes
Mother of four wipes them away
Never thought she'll see this day
The day she'd send her oldest away
On a four year sentence
To a college in the Bay


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very expressively emphatic

its about drive and determination to make changes from within

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